Recycling Now In Ashton

Ashton RecyclingGood news to the greater Ashton community… recycling is here!

Where: Bins will be located at the Ashton City Building (west-side parking area)
Who: All Ashton area residents are invited to use the opportunity to recycle
When: Bins will be open for use 7am-8pm, daily except Sundays.

A Fremont County - City of Ashton Project invites you to bring the following recyclable materials to the Ashton area collection bins:

Please check for the number inside the recycle symbol and sort:
Plastics 1-2 - containers for milk, pop, water, mouthwash, peanut butter, salad dressing, vegetable oil, juice, detergent, household cleaners, bleach.
Plastics 3-7 - squeezable bottles, syrup, ketchup, some yogurt containers, caps, medicine bottles, straw, plastic bags..
Aluminum Cans - pop and beer
Tin Cans - canned foods (must be rinsed clean)
Paper products - Magazines, office paper, phone books
Newspapers -
Fiberboard - cereal and cracker boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, and more...
Cardboard - corrugated (please break down)

Some things cannot be dropped at this Ashton site, but can be taken to the land-fill in St. Anthony.
They are: paint cans, micro-waves, refrigerators, stereos, car batteries, oil and antifreeze, wire, metal, electronic devices, computers. *Unfortunately neither place can handle GLASS.

Thanks to: Fremont County for providing bins and service
City of Ashton for providing location and upkeep
Revitalization Round-table for initiating the discussion